Greetings from the Director


PhD. Oscar Alvarez

Integrated Process and Product Design


Our design spaces materialized and strengthened in 2015. It is a development that starts with the program reopening in 1996, an initial stage in which the learning spaces focused on the Chemical Process Design, taking as reference Chemical Engineering from a classical approach in Plant Design, Unit Operations, Optimization and Processes Simulation courses.

The evolution takes place naturally towards Chemical Product Design in 2006, creating unique spaces where necessary skills in these subjects are developed, such as the mid-career project (MCP).

The result is the Multiscale Design development. It is a concept that seeks to have the Process and Product Design link to the understanding and manipulation of the phenomena from a molecular scale to a macroscopic scale. This becomes a reality with the Master’s Program in Chemical Engineering opening in 2009.

We believe that the needs of the industry in our country are based on a concept that combines Process Design, Product Design, Multiscale Design with Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a concept that we have called the Processes and Products Integrated Design.


 Innovation and entrepreneurship from the integrated design of products and processes