Rheology Short Course

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This two day short course is designed to give chemists, petroleum engineers, geologists, pharmacists and materials engineers an understanding of rheology fundamentals, principles of measurements, and applications to practical problem solving.  The molecular and microstructural basis of rheological phenomena will be described including polymers, dispersions, surfactants and biopolymer networks. We are pleased to have two faculty with extensive experience in teaching rheology and applying it to solving industrial problems.  Students will learn about measurement techniques, data reduction and interpretation and case study applications in lectures and working sessions with the instructors.  The course will also serve to help us organize the first meeting of the Colombia Society of Rheology!


Macosko-new-web-photo-2015-1 iquiChristopher W. Macosko, course organizer and author of a widely used rheology text, is professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. He has aided development of several commercial rheometers and numerous test methods. His group currently conducts research in polymer-polymer blends, polymer nanocomposites, and the rheology of reacting systems. He has received awards from AIChE and SPE, the Bingham Medal of The Society of Rheology and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

fuller researchGerald Fuller is the Fletcher Jones Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. Professor Fuller's research has centered on three areas of rheology: optical rheometry, extensional rheology, and interfacial rheology. This experimental effort has been aimed at a wide range of soft materials that includes polymer solutions and melts, liquid crystals, suspensions, and surfactants. Recent applications are linked to biological materials. Professor Fuller received the Bingham Award from The Society of Rheology and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.


Thursday, April 7 

8:00 Registration and coffee 
8:30 Introduction: Key Phenomena, Material Functions - Macosko 
9:30 Linear Viscoelasticity - Fuller
10:40 Microstructural Basis of Viscoelasticity - Macosko 
11:40 LVE data interpretation in small groups 
Lunch with class introductions
13:30 General Viscous Liquid - Fuller  
14:30 Shear Rheometry - Macosko
15:40 Microstructural Basis of Shear Thinning, Thickening - Fuller 
17:00 Presentation of Plan for Columbian Society of Rheology mixer with refreshments

Friday, April 8

8:30 Nonlinear Viscoelasticity - Macosko
9:30 Extensional Rheometry - Fuller
10:40 Microstructural Basis of Nonlinear Phenomena – Fuller
11:40 Computational Modeling - Macosko
Lunch and problem solving with faculty  
13:30 Yield Stress, Flocculated Dispersions - Macosko 
14:30 Interfacial Rheology - Fuller
15:40 Gels and Case Studies - Fuller and Macosko
16:40 Consulting with faculty
17:30 Adjourn

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